1st Letter, Finally

Yesterday, 6-9-11, I FINALLY got my mans letter :) I was so excited. His mom called me and said he'd sent it to her, since I dont really have a good address. When I got off work, I swear I must have driven 80 miles an hour the whole way. I visited with her a min., then ran to my car to read it. I honestly dont think Ive had a happier moment. Ive read it about 10 times. Its the sweetest letter, I feel like I have a little piece of him back home.

He graduates July15th from the Great Lakes. He is in DIV 816, Ship 04. Any girls have a man in the same div? I have yet to recieve a phone call...but I heard from another girl that some boys got in trouble for talking too much at lunch. And if one gets in trouble, they ALL do. So they might have missed a phone call as a disciplinary action.
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My boyfriend graduates just after yours actually. He will graduate end of July. I have yet to receive a letter from him though :/ but he most likely was able to write today so im keeping my fingers crossed that I will be getting something from him this week. But I will most likely have the same reaction that you did :)

Sierradawnwilson- I agree the feeling doesn't go away, but you just learn to not let it run your life, because if your sad and thinking about it all the time your just torturing yourself! just keep your mind positive and busy! Believe me I think about my boy all the time I even dream about him a lot and talk about him ALL the time, but I just can't help it haha. Things will get better & honestly you just get used to not having him around, but believe me when you do see him after those long eight weeks it's the best feeling in the whole world, the time apart makes the hugs and kisses that much more special, so stay strong, it's definitely well worth the wait! & we're all here for you & experiencing a lot of the same feelings! Keep your chin up girl you can do it! : )

My fiance left June 1st and I have received his first letter yet nor do i have his address...i hate this but i am so proud of him.

My boyfriend left that same day as well. So i know the feeling. It's so hard not having them with you when your so used it. I do believe that since this was their 2nd week at camp that they got to write letters today though so hopefully you will be getting something in the mail within the next few days. hopefully!

I cannot wait to get my first letter.<br />
I really miss him and he hasnt even left yet i have 4 days.<br />
Hes in Idaho now so im not going to see see him before he leaves. <br />
Its super hard on me. <br />
Im super use to having him 24/7 and now im not going to be able to have him for that long <br />
I have saved all my voice mails he left me so i have pictures and his messages to listen to.<br />
I know its going to be super rough how long is the scared worried feeling in your stomach stay?

Aw, I'm so excited for you! :D I know where he's spec ops he won't get as many calls as the normal divisions do, I only got one call about 4 weeks in and then the other one the night before I left to see him graduate, but hopefully you get one soon! : ) It's funny because I still read his letters sometimes, I love them, & I'm glad that you got your first letter, supper exciting! : )