It's Been A While...

I haven't posted on this site in almost a year and a lot has happened. I can hardly believe over a year has passed since my boyfriend, Cameron, left for Great Lakes. He's finished A and C schools and  he's about to leave on his first deployment. It's been a wild ride but  I'm on board for anything and will remain at his side.

Cam has been talking about getting married, like most military guys. It really took me by surprise because he seemed very nervous about it when we talked about it last during his A school. I went to visit him in Cali, where he is currently stationed, and he just started rambling :) I was shocked and excited. I had imagined marrying him for a while and it's totally crazy idea but now it's what we both want. The thing is we won't see each other until my high school graduation May 2012. Wow, right? That's when we would tie the knot... And get engaged. Wedding planned before a proposal is kinda backwards but with the military comes different situations and different relationships. I know the challenges I will face as a young wife but he has been my best friend for the past 3 years.

I would really like advice about talking about it with my mom. She hasn't been very supportive of our relationship. Not that she doesn't like him but she always asks why he joined and how his decision wasn't a good one. I have to keep her in check, really. Sometimes what she says hurts but I don't let her get me down. She has made it clear that she doesn't want me to move across the country but I don't really know how to tell her that's what I want. I'd really like some help.

Thanks so much!!
Jojo94 Jojo94
18-21, F
Jul 6, 2011