Anyone Have This Problem?

I was recently talking to a girlfriend of mine. During the conversation she kept talking about how much she missed her boyfriend. I asked how long he was going to be gone for. She replied, "A few days. I miss him like crazy!!" I part of me wanted to reply back saying something to the effect of "how do you think I feel?" But I refrained. Does anyone else have this problem? It just gets me so much when girls complain because they haven't seen their boyfriends for 'a whole weekend' or a few days. Maybe its just me. I don't know. Sorry. I just needed to rant a bit.
I hope you girls are all doing well!! <3
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Maybe you should talk about it with them? I have told all my friends who do that to not talk about their boyfriedns that much while i am arround them. And they ar redpectful about it. maybe you could ask them to talk about something else? I know that i am guilty or exploding towards my friends when the complain about not seeing their boyfriends for a few days, but i also think that friends should respect us, and what we all are going through. I have personally stoppd hanging out with some friends (or not as much) because of the exact same problem that your having. Sometimes you gotta think whats better for you.

I'm still in high school and I have to deal with all that crap all the time! I can't even stand when two of my best friends talk about their guys. It just goes on and on and on about how she can't stand to be away from him for 2 minutes and how much time they get to spend together. It really makes me miss our civilian life together :/ But seriously I want to punch them sometimes. I don't even bother commenting on their whining anymore. I just ignore it and roll my eyes. After all, I did choose to continue the relationship after the Navy, I just wish they would understand.

It's definitely not just you. It's every military gf/wife that feels that way too. I know I feel that way when talking to my college girlfriends. They're all like "I can't wait to see my man. I miss him so much." and I'm thinking, *he's up the hill in his dorm room and you'll see him in the morning* or *he only went home for the weekend. You've just spent how many weeks with him?* There have been a few times that I've actually asked them how they think I must feel having only seen Tyler 5 out of 365 days last year. And the top 2 reactions I get are "That must be really hard. I don't think I could ever date a military man" or "I've been in a LDR before I know what it's like, so don't go there". Tyler and I were in an LDR before he went to the Navy and I have to say, a LDR and a military relationship are 2 not so similar things at times. At least in an LDR you can call or talk at least once a day unless something happens. Military relationships depend on when the military allows them to talk to you. We've been lucky since boot camp and have been able to talk to each other pretty much whenever we wanted to, but I know that is bound to change. Like the 24 hour shifts he's been having lately, keep us from even texting each and every day to about every other day now. *Anyway, off rant now.* I've found that finding someone else in the same situation as me and being able to talk to them about how I feel helps a lot. The fun thing about that is that there is a girl at my college who is an Army gf and we had a couple of nice long talks toward the end of this past school year and that, I think really helped us both, emotionally.

No, it's not just you. I think every single military girlfriend has to deal with that. Those girls legitimately miss their guys. I just wish they had the consideration to "not" complain about those things around us. When I was a civilian girlfriend I hated being apart from William for even two days. Of course, now I've had the eye opening experience of him being in boot camp, and living over a thousand miles away. It honestly annoys me to hear those kinds of complaints now. They just don't understand what you're going through. Even if you did say "How do you think I feel", they would probably react indifferently because they haven't personally experienced it.