Really Disappointed :(

So my sailor was underway for a whole month and he would message me every night and we would talk for about an hour or so... all he would mention besides how his job was going was how much he missed me and how much he wanted to be with me and how much he wanted to see me etc etc etc....He is currently stationed in VA and we are both from FL. Now that he got back to VA (Aug 3rd) from being underway and that we actually have time to talk and have more communication with each other WE DONT! We literally spoke the first day he got back and for like 10 minutes and between then and now we have barely talked or even messaged! I dont know what could be wrong I thought things would be different once he got back to land and we could actually have more time to talk...His schedule is also a little messed up now that he's back to base, he works from 6pm to 6am three days a week then he gets 3 off then he works again those times two days a week and gets another two days off and then keeps on like that...Im guessing since his schedule is so sucky he is either too tired or maybe doesnt have enough time by the time he gets up and has to work again i dont know whats going on but im getting a little scared and i dont wanna over react with him because i know the situation he is on. I did send him a message saying that I actually thought things would be different now that he was back but that i wasnt sure anymore wat was going on, he also hasnt replied either :( ...I dont wanna give him the impression he could lose me because we barely have any communication but i also want him to know how I feel...I dont know what to do about it, I just dont want to stop messaging him even if he doesnt reply because I dont want things to start fading away, thats my biggest fear....has anyone experienced something similar to this or can advise me what to do?! I feel lost and I know none of my civilian friends would understand what im going through right now....
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My boyfriend just left for underway Thursday. It was super hard to talk to him. I lost so may hours of sleep. He's stationed over seas. I would wake up around 5 am to talk to him or facebook chat. Now it's super hard waiting for underway to be done to talk to him again. I fear what you're going through.. I'm always worried about how we will grow distant from each other. But be strong in this!! Keep praying for strength!! I bet they miss us all very much! Be their strength and motivation.

I know exactly what you're going through. My boyfriend was underway for about three weeks during which we weren't able to talk at all. He barely had time to get to a computer ever so I only heard from him a few times during that time. And now that they are back I'm getting upset and somewhat worried because I thought we'd be able to talk a whole lot more than we do. We all just need to keep in mind that they are still working even when not underway and have a lot going on. With their schedules being as crazy as they are, it takes a lot of getting used to, as much for us as for them and that if they have free time, they will be talking to the people they miss the most.

I wish I knew what to tell you. Im going through the same thing right now with my sailor. But the only difference is he is overseas and didnt come home. He just went "on mission" for 6 weeks. And the last week has been really different. We use to talk every second of the day that we could. he would tell me he loves me and cant wait to come home and marry me etc etc etc. But the last week the messaged have been short and have a lack of the sweetness he use to have. We got to talk this morning and I said something about it and he just said IDK what your talking about. . . But something is up and idk what. Its driving me nuts. Im sorry I couldnt have been of more help to you but maybe knowing your not the only one out there going through can make you feel like people can relate. . good luck ! I hope things work out.