The Wonderful World Of The Emotional Rollercoaster

Anyone who had a loved one in any branch of the military knows this ride all too well, and sadly for us, it isn't a ride we can get off easily. Just when you have one foot out of the rollercoaster car, the ride takes off again. I am (of course) no exception to this wonderfully exhausting ride. Civillians who don't have a loved one gone like this honestly will never comprehend the multitude of emotions that plauge us every second of every day. I for one have never felt so bi-polar in my entire life. It's like you wake up in the morning ready to tackle the world and then by noon, the only thing you can think of is how much you miss who is missing at the time. From there, some form of minor to major depression takes ahold of the controls and the ride becomes a little more unstable. For anyone who can sympathize (which that would be a good majority if not all of the women on here), it is honestly up to us to hold each other up. No one else knows how we feel better than each other. Why? Because we have or are all there right now. As most know (or anyone who keeps up with my posts), my boyfriend of nearly eight months, Jeffrey, was claimed by RTC last week (August 22nd to be exact). Since then, I have been more or less a mess of emotional "vomit". I can be as chipper as a little girl in a candy store one moment, and the next I am so deep in a hole that it almost feels impossible to get out of. This brings me back to being there for each other. As I have said before, we are more than just girlfriends with men in the navy. We are bonded by that one very crucial simillarity that makes us fellow riders of the E.R. and more than that, we are sisters. In a way, the Navy is one big family all moving towards a common goal, and we are part of the most important missions the navy can deal out. We are the support system to the men and women out there doing what they have to in order to keep us safe. BUT! In order to keep US safe, it is our job to keep THEM sane. We should never allow doubts cross our minds and let that get in the way of our relationships. Without us, there wouldn't be the very critical support that allows our men to keep going and stay grounded--so to speak. Remember ladies. We are stonger than most because when our men told us what they wanted to do with thier future and asked the important question "will you stay?" we said "yes". Keep each your spirits up. Keep your man's spirit up. And even more so, keep your fellow sisters' spirits up. We are all in this together. This is more than just a support group. This is a very large extended family.
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Thanks so much for the post--My sailor will be home g-d willing in just under a month and being in the home stretch seems to be the hardest part! Just a reminder that we can do this, even on those hard emotional days when we miss the gchats or emails :/ Thanks again for your uplifting post--Best of luck to all reading. May your relationship continue to flourish and may you all be reunited with your loved ones very soon!! <3

This post made my day so much better. Me and my Sailor have only been together for just over three months now but I know he is the one. I am currently in college as well so the everyday stresses of that get to me as well. Every day is a battle just to even get out of bed. I found this page a few days ago and it is so comforting to know I am not alone. Thank you so much for this post :)

Thank you so much for this post. I agreed with every single bit. I chuckled a bit at the part where you said: I for one have never felt so bi-polar in my entire life. I cannot agree more with that statement. Keep your head up. Like you said, we are in this together!

Thank you for this. I am so happy I am not the only one with this psuedo-bi-polar thing going on at the moment. I am so happy to have found a support system online as I am currently in school in the middle of GA...not too many Navy people on this side of the South

I'm with you, here in Georgia.

As a woman who just got on the ER this week, I appreciate your words. I kinda want to run away but can't. He's too awesome.
I have been learning about leaning on my community of sisters. Find people who can ride the waves with you. And you ride together.
I asked my sailor, sooooooo we have a great time and I build you up. He says uh huh...I say, so I'm serving MY country loving on you :) He gets the cutest grin and says yes.

I needed this. Thank you so much.

My fiance just left for boot camp 2 days ago. we been together for 5 years and the longest we been apart would be 2 weeks. i feel so alone and so many thoughts are going through my mind. i cried as i read this because he asked me over 5 times if i would stay and i say yes, but as i read everyones post and how difficult this life style is i start to think diffrently. i cant handle being away from him or not talking to him especially when he is so set to it in becoming a seal and being in there for 20 years so he can retire at 40. and at times i think about me, what about how i feel what about my life, i feel as if he only cares about himself and i love him so much that i dont want to loose him at all:"(

This sounds exactly like what I am going through. My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years and have been best friends for 8 years. He just recently told me that he is getting into the navy to be a SEAL for 20 years to retire by the time he's 40. This is the hardest thing I have ever gone through because all I have ever wanted was a family to come home to every night and a husband to share all of my life with. But it's looking like all of that is disappearing. If I do have kids I will be basically a single mother and my kids will hardly know their father. I am willing to go this route because I truly do love him more than anything and I am willing to do anything for him. I know he is the man I am supposed to be with and I am extremely proud of his decision to serve our country but I can't help but let my selfish side come out because this is never the kind of family that I imagined. I am just so lost and I feel very alone. It's good to know I'm not the only one trying to figure this out.

I couldn't agree more with the bipolar and depressed by noon comment! My guy just left for the theatre and I can't seem to hold it together sometimes, and then at other times I am completely ok. I am so glad I found this site and this group. It has already helped me feel like I can survive these days of no phone calls, messages or communication. I will continue to write to him and share my daily routines with him. He has already said that this is helping him greatly. Thanks ladies!

Omigosh you girls are gonna make me cry. I just became a navy girlfriend and my man hasn't even left yet. He's set to leave in June, and he's scared and nervous and so am I. However we are scared for slightly different reasons. He's scared because he will me, but more so because this will be one of the biggest moves he's ever made in his life. He's never committed to anything up until now. But he's filled with so much ambition and drive and thinks the Navy could use that in a man. I'm scared because what if he forgets about me? He says we're going to get married, but what if I hold him down and he changes his mind? I'm scared of missing him so much, heck I miss him when I leave to go to work in the morning. Of course in his face when he talks about it, I act like his rock. I'm try to be strong and I tell him I'm happy for him and to look at this as a new adventure in his life and that we are all behind him especially me no matter what. I love him, and he really truly wants to do something with his life. He's often depressed and stressing because he wants to do something big in his life, he wants to be somebody and we both think this may be it. I'm so proud of him. I'm really going to need you girls. I'm strong, but just typing the words about my baby leaving me is hurting me. But I really want to be strong for him. He says he loves me now more than ever for supporting him, he says he really needs me. I just hope he truly means it, and this doesn't blow up in my face.

My name is Brianna Gillaspie. I am a recently married navy wife. I completely understand what you are saying. We do have a tough job, that is just as equal as them giving their lives for our country. I am always happy to see navy girlfriends dedicated to their mans and wives as well. Where I am stationed we are labeled cheating wives because a lot of women do that when they leave on deployment. I commend any women sticking by their men and being faithful and true! Hang in there! Our men are worth waiting for :) Nvy wives and grilfriends rule!

Amen, girl!