I Am The Worst Girlfriend In The World!!!

so my boyfriend Coby is suppose to go on underway for a month and I know yu guys might say that is not along time but he just got back from a 10 month deployment 3 weeks ago.. He comes back next month for just one month and leaves on another 8 month deployment.. It's killing me but I say I am the worst girlfriend cause he told me he was leaving on the 16th 2 weeks ago and I was planning to spend all my free time and take school off cause my sorority knows I have a navy boyfriend I don't get to see often so they didn't mind.. Coby texts me while at work and asks if he can see me and I said sure after work but I let my brother use my car and he couldn't take his cause he was drinking.. Well that night I found out he was leaving the next day and I could not even get to see him.. I didn't get a goodbye kiss or hug.. I just got abtext saying he loves me and he will see me next month.. I feel like i could have tried harder to see him but now my heart is out at sea.. How do I cope?
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omg i call his voicemail literally 23 times a day just to hear his voice and his voicemails... i hear military songs all the time and they make me more depressed.. it gets really hard but all that time away from him and the moment i see him makes everything worth it...

Aww... I'm so sorry to hear that... I completely understand how you feel, I'm the same too!! He tells me I'm always busy.. which makes me feel bad because before he was about to leave, we almost didn't see each other because I was busy, I could've really tried harder... but eventually, the very last hour he had left, he came to say good bye. But he almost did leave without saying good bye, kiss, hug, one last glance at him... It would really break my heart. <br />
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But... you know... now when he comes back, you know what you want and will do what ever it takes to see him and be with him. <br />
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10 months is crazy!! I would seriously cry every night not being able to hear his voice. And the only voice I have of him are his voice messages.. which would make me cry even more.

Hey Angel, just pray that he gets back safe and you can make up for the time you missed out on. I am positive that no man who truly loves his girl would be wanting her to be riddled with guilt over a situation which was not her doing. Make sure you look after yourself and be happy for him when he gets back