A Poem For Your Thoughts

You're not mine to keep.
You were never mine to keep.
Your kisses and sweet words,
Your promises of forever after,

All gentle lies.

You're not mine to keep.
Even when it is only us,
There are others waiting,

To take you away from me.

You're not mine to keep.
The seas call you from me,
Your ship a freckle upon a blue complexion.

Your touch a ghost of a memory.

But that's okay.

The song of the ocean will fade to silence,
And when on the shores your feet fall,
Your heart's burden will lift,
And love will let it soar.

Until that day I wait, my dear,
For my arms to be your harbor,
For my heart to be your home,

And you will be mine to keep.
nerdygirl92 nerdygirl92
18-21, F
4 Responses Sep 7, 2011

Ugh, right in the feels--I'm crying. Thank you.

This is perfect! Unfortunately the military doesn't really care about girlfriends like they do wives, so this poem is so true!

Amazing Poem... My sailor isnt exactly mine...hes my best friend wishing he could be more and while i need to get things in my life in order first before i venture into new teritory with him and even though hes on reserve and only stationed in the u.s. hes still across the country and I miss him and feel the same frustration as if we are in dating relationship.

This is so sweet.<br />
<br />
When they come back they look for us. We're always on their mind no matter how far they are. It's a comfort to think that even though the sea calls for them, it never completely takes them away.

My thoughts exactly! I get into arguments with my civilian friends all the time about how they can't understand how I trust him implicitly, and love him beyond words. It's nice to know others actually get it. :)