Do I Love Him Too Much?

I've been feeling pretty down lately. I haven't seen my sailor for almost 5 months now. I thought that with the time it would get easier but it's not. 
I don't want to go out with my friends during the week ends because i'm afraid i won't be able to talk to him. The jet lag makes everything  even more complicated. I feel like my whole life is turning around him. i wouldn't think it's bad if he hadn't told me it was. He wants me to get out and all. and i really try to have fun, to see people, but the only thing that makes me happy is to talk to him, to have some news. 
I'm starting to think that i might love him too much. i don't even know if it's possible but it looks like that. 
are any of you girls in the same situation? 
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I know how you feel. I haven't seen my sailor since May, and we celebrated our 6 month dating anniversary from opposite sides of the country. *Yeah, yeah, I know, it's only 6 months, but for some reason people around here think that's a big deal and kept stressing such to me, so that made it hard. He sent me flowers though and they were REALLY pretty.* <br />
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I know it's hard to get out and do stuff with your friends, especially if you're afraid to miss a call. But, it's very helpful to get out and try to get your mind off of how much you miss him. I miss my man so much and he's in my mind 24/7, but I have to just get out and 'breathe' sometimes, too. Do you have a cellphone? If so, you can just take that with you and then you don't have to worry about missing his call. And if you're with your friends when he calls, just create some sort of signal or something to let them know you need to step away for a bit to talk to him. I know my friends at first were a bit annoyed that I kept 'leaving' them to talk to him, but after a few times they finally understood that if I got to talk to him for even just a few minutes, then I was in a better mood than if I missed the call. Plus, they are beginning to understand the whole concept of us being so far apart that we don't get to talk too often anyway, so every minute we DO get to talk is precious. <br />
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Are your friends his friends too? Or are there some mutual friends that you can hang out with? I know that a few of my friends are his as well, and it helps me to feel better to be able to keep them up to date on the things going on in his life. It just does my heart good when one of them asks about him, and I get to brag on my sailor. :) <br />
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I don't think it's possible to love him TOO much, but I know what you're getting at. I have been in the same situation you are in, but don't worry, it'll get a bit easier and there will thankfully be a time where you can enjoy hanging out with your friends without constantly worrying about missing his call.

that is the biggest problem i guess, i do have a cellphone but he can't call me on it since i'm in france and so my service and all are french stuff.
we do have mutual friends but in america. i met them when i met him. but now i'm just back in my life in my country. and it's not a current thing here to date a military guy. not at all.
but you're right i need to enjoy spending time with my friends
i'm glad to hear it will get better :)
stay strong girl. i'm sure you'll make it through

I kno wat u mean but actually going out on weekends n being with friends makes the time go by faster. I go to the movies on weekends n it helps cuz then I talk about all my worries with them n it helps to talk about it. My bf is going on deployment for a year but hes gone training til then so I won't see him for 14 months its hard but I was feeling the way u r. My mom said to me its in healthy for u to wait by the phone for him. She was right I decided to work like crazy to save money for an apartment for when he comes back. N I got my permit n I been working out. Make small goals they help and u can think of it as ur doing it for u both as a couple.

School takes a lot of my time. so it's fine during normal school weeks. but whenever i'm not in school, it's hard to not think about him constantly. i'll try to go out more though.
thank you for the advice. good luck with your sailor :)