4 Weeks Later... 10 Days After He Wrote It... And I Got My Letter!

WELL!!!! It took, just about 4 weeks. And 10 days after he wrote it to get to me. I knew I had one in the mail. But I wasn't for sure... I no his family got one. But I had no idea if he had sent me one. I had such a feeling that I would get it the day that I left... I had to go away for the weekend ): But for the hole weekend, I had to force my self to stop looking at the clock and trying to make my self have fun. Was the only thing to get me thru, 2 days and 7 hour car ride on my home from my weekend. When I got about 10 miles from my house, I had the local county station on, and me and my boyfriends song came on (remind me... brad paisley and Carrie Underwood(: ) When I finally got home... I RAN to the mail box and opend it... At first I didn't see it and my hopes dropped. But than in the middle of a news paper... I saw a little RTC on an envelope and went crazy! I opened it and it was all I could do to keep my hands from shaking... When I read the letter it didn't false me at first... All I read was that he missed me. After reading it 3 more times... I started crying. If I thought I missed him before... I miss him more. ): Now that I've had a little bit of him back... I want the rest with him... But I'm glad that I got my letter. And it wasn't a 'Dear John' letter that I thought I was guna get. But now I have something to get me thru the rest of my weeks. But I still miss him more and more the longer he's gone... ):
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I will and thank you. I'm hoping to get one this week. But I don't know. He didn't seam too into writing me..

Omg I'm so excited for you:) I bet you were extremely happy, but don't worry you will see him very soon and you know that he is thinking about you every second of his day and misses you. Try to stay confident and busy so you wont have to be deppresed the whole time hat he is gone, but I hope you get another letter soon and you keep us updated:)