If Y'all Haven't Seen.....

the music video for Taylor Swift's song "Ours" Go. Watch it. Now. All the way to the end. And cry your little eyes out!!! I sure did!! It's ok to cry sometimes ladies :)
caitc91 caitc91
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5 Responses Dec 20, 2011

Om my god. I started crying when she was talking about all the little things she loves about him and ignoring her father's snide remarks on his tattoos. Sounds like me and my situation! And then the end... Couldn't keep it in. This is exactly what I am about to go through in about 3 hours. I'm going to be doing the exact same thing as she did. Jumping into my sailor's arms. This video is absolutely amazing. It hit the spot for me today. Thank you. :)

you're quite welcome! :) congrats on getting to see your sailor! :D

I thought it was just a sweet song until the end of the video. Then I lost it haha I love it :)

I love that song and video-perfect for our situations :)

I love it! I's what I do every day in music video form!!