So I am starting to think that distance is really getting to him. He is stationed all the way in japan and I'm stuck here in arizona. Its hurting me like crazzzzyy!!! I just want him to be like how he was before. I don't know if he is acting the way he is because of stuff he is dealing with right now, or if its because of the distance between us. I keep on praying to God about us and the only thing I keep on getting from Him is "time". So I'm hoping that after awhile our relationship will get better. But I'm starting to worry. Im starting to worry that he will break up with me. Im trying not to worry, but that is all i can think about lately!! Im trying my hardest to make our relationship last and trying my hardest to be the best girlfriend to him, but i don't know if it is working. I am really just hoping the way he is acting is because of what he is going through right now and what he has to deal with. But i don't know;( And I don't want to ask him because I am scared that it is the distance and then he will break up with me;/ like i want to ask him so i can stop worrying and stressing but then i don't, because i don't know what his answer will be;/ Have any of you ladies gone through this??? :/
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Hey girl, I know this is so late but I haven't been on this site in months. Me and my ex boyfriend were together for two years and he was stationed in Japan. The distance is rough and for guys it's a lot harder. I'm sure a lot has changed since February, maybe for the better. But if there's one thing I know it's that the distance for the guys takes a very different toll on them than us. For us, we miss them, we want to talk to them and spoil them as much as we can. They just think too much and figure well, we're 14984 miles away, so what kind of relationship is this? Me and my ex have been broken up now for 8 months but in our hearts we know we love each other and we know that in the future and when he comes home; the feelings will be there and it will never go away. But he couldn't deal with the distance and wanted to focus on his life there. After all this time I haven't given up, and I think that in time our relationship will grow stronger from the time we've had apart. So, if you still check this, and if you're still thinking about him, giving up doesn't need to be an option.

talk to him let him know whatever happens ur gonna be there for him let him know that u wont give up that u will still wait for him regardless i feel like he needs u more than ever right now, he just misses you so much he cant take the whole fact he cant kiss, hug or touch u. Just be there for him he will come around soon

okay.. i hope sooo;(

well.. we broke up tonight;(

i know exactly what you're going through, my boyfriend is in Japan too & im stuck in Texas, its been 2months already and OMG i miss him terribly but i get to talk to him everyday or well at least when he can but u just have to TRUST him and believe everything would be okay dont stress him about anything at home make his days better joke around send him pictures keep it live and interesting so he knows that you will be there for him no matter what, me & him had a bump down the road where he was stressing and so was i and i just wanted to talk to him so he can make me feel better but he was just acting rude and distant and i just set a rule down and told him to STOP taking it out on me & he knew he was taking out on me so he apologized & since then we have been great i just remind him everyday regardless what happens i will ALWAYS be here for him, he has his role in the navy and i have my role at home. Just stay strong for him and yourself (: