Writing My New Chapter As A Navy Girlfriend!

Hey Everyone!
So, I am very new to this.. I just started yesterday. My boyfriend of over a year left for boot camp 2/7/12. The first couple weeks were tough to get through.. a lot of breakdowns! But, now I am very happy where I am right now. I realize that YES, he will come back, he does love me, and he is always thinking about me. The letters that I recieve from him are helping as well! I am very much looking forward to his graduation; his PIR date is 4/6/12 as of now. In his last letter, he told me that he had a test on tuesday that determined if he would have to go back in training for 2 more weeks! So, I am here crossing all my fingers that he passed! :) He is a part of Division 110 on ship 11, and as said before- PIR date is 4/6/12. If anyone is going through anything similar, I would LOVE someone to talk to through this experience! Thanks, Navy Girlfriends. And, stay strong!
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HEY WHAT DIVISION! Mine's in 111.


Hey! Well, if you contact his recruiter, you might be able to get your boyfriend's address from him. That is what I did! But, you should get it anytime now. Whoever the 'box' with his things was sent to, they should have received a graduation info packet with the address included. I got my first letter after 2 weeks. I would love your email so we can talk more and text! Trust me, it does get way better! And, you are SO lucky to have gotten a phone call already! I am still waiting anxiously! haha :)

Hello, I know how you feel. My boyfriend left for basic training on February 22nd. I have had alot of break downs so far, it has only been one week. I guess you can call me lucky because I have recieved a phone call Sunday, saying that he is doing good, and that he loves me! I don't know where to send my letters... because I didnt get his letters yet. Waiting on the mail every day. When did you recieve your first letter?? If you want to email me privately we can talk more and maybe exchange phone numbers and text more. :) Let me know!!