Going Insane

Okay so Ive been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now and despite the fact that we are young we are very much in love. He just left for bootcamp in Great Lakes, IL on April 3rd, 2012. It Seems like I cant cope like its so hard to go through boyfriend withdrawal. Im waiting on his first letter to arrive but waiting is hard to do, whats even harder is not hearing his voice or seeing his face for the next 8 weeks =( I mean a have friends and family to hold me over but to be honest they really dont understand and i can tell, its not that they dont want to its just that cant because they arent in my shoes. Any advice or coping methods before i go insane?
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Your welcome! You can message me for my number if you ever want to text :)

Your welcome! You can message me for my number if you ever want to text :)

I tried to message you for your number but I can't find how to send a message. I'm sooo new to this website can yu send me your number

Thank you all. Every answer helped me in a different way. I will definitely stay in contact because yall guys are the only ones who understand me as of now.

Hey, Stay positive. That is the number one best thing you can do. Believe me, I know it it is super hard, I have a tough time with that sometimes even though I know that everything is going to be alright, but it's really the best thing you can do. My boyfriend is currently in A-school in Texas. Boot camp was definitely the hardest part so far. For me, I was anxious to know what was going to happen next... but didnt really have any answers. So here's how it went for me, and maybe that will help you a little. After about the first two weeks (give or take a few days depending on how long it takes mail to get from chicago to wherever you are) you should receive your first letter. At that moment, if you're anything like me, you will probably breathe a HUGE sigh of relief and sit down and read the letter(s) immediately... once..or twice..or three times..lol. After that, it will still take a while to receive letters, but it helped me to at least have some form of communication. I live in southern illinois so it only took about five days to receive letters from him and three for mine to get to him. Occasionally they may get a phone call. These are usually pretty short..and on crappy phones so that makes it hard to actually hear what they're saying half the time, but its still nice to have them on the phone. If you get the chance to go to his graduation, that is wonderful. If not, don't beat yourself up about it. My boyfriend had the opportunity to come home for eight days after boot camp. If your sailor is going to Aschool in Great Lakes I don't think they usually get time off, and even if they're going somewhere else it all depends on when their orders say they have to be there. <br />
The bottom line is...It is going to be hard. I can't sit here and lie to you and say it's all going to be wonderful. There will be hard days, but the thing you have to remember is that you love each other. No, your friends and family probably wont get it...it's just one of those things you can't really understand until you are actually there. Post on this site.. for me, it helps to just say what im feeling, even if maybe no one reads it, that doesnt matter it still helps. Once Aschool gets here he'll get a little more freedom and things get a little bit easier. Keep your head up, and stay positive, and never forget you are not alone. All the girls on here are very supportive, and if you need anything never hesitate to post on here or feel free to message me if you want. Best of luck =)

hi my names neeky. my boyfriend left march 27th. ughh its been hard. everyone says to keep yourself occupied but tbh, that is not much of an help. if you have been living with him and ya'll go everywhere and do everything together...no all you can do is wonder about what hes doing or is he thinking about you like your goin crazy over him. one thing for sure is that i have been writing in my journal everyday tho. on top of that his family is playing around with his address so i can write him to motivate him. so its really a struggle for me. i found myself crying almost every night but im feeling a lil better as the weeks go by. seems like its taken forever to get these 8 weeks over with. i can honestly say being a navy girlfriend is a big challenge. before he left we always talked about it. we agreed that when he leaves, thats a way of showing who loves who truthfully. but all you can do is wait. they say it will take about 2-3 weeks before he can write. its been 2 weeks for me. hopefully by next week i will here from him. be strong he needs you to be strong when hes not. or vice versa. i always say its not spending time together determines a relationship, its the being apart which counts. i can not give you much advice bc im barely maken it myself but you can write me an maybe we both can keep each other on the right track. :) hope this helps tho.

I know what you are going through.. My sailor graduates next week from boot camp, and it is still hard for me with him gone, even though I get to see him next week. I found out that staying positive is one of the best ways to brighten up your day. Think of the bright future he is making for you two. If you really love each other, everything will work out just fine!! Make goals for yourself every week, Like this week I am reading the book the luck one, so I'm trying to keep myself busy, so I don't mope around and think of him not being here. I don't know if your religious or not, but I found going to church every single week, as made in impact of my thoughts and has made me feel better. Write him letters every single day, Today I wrote my 47th letter today!! I also keep a journal and write down every thing that happened today and every emotion i have felt and the love I have for my sailor. Always stay positive in your letters, nothing negative, That you save for your journal. i also work out, or take long walks.. something to keep me motivated and active, instead of staying inside. Sometimes it feels like its never going to get better, but trust me it will. I have transformed into this amazing before in a little over seven weeks now. It is defiantly worth it in the end, because my love for Jeffrey has strengthened, and I don't know what I would do without him. It has made me realize that he is the one for me... If you have any questions or concerns and you want to ask me, I am always here, just message me and I'll give you my number and we cant text. I know what it feels like feeling like there is no one there that understands you, I'm going through it right now. But you will come to the conclusion that you are independent and you will get through this by your strength. Once again, i am always here for you... I'm at the end of my journey of the boot camp phase, so if you have any questions feel free!!