Letters And A Phone Call

Okay so today I received a phone call and letters from my baby. Lets start with the phone call since I received that first. I was in class and picked it up discretely to be surprised by a familiar voice saying "baby?". I ran to the bathroom to continue the five minute call. To sum it all up he hates it there. I could here his voice breaking and he cries sometimes cause he misses me so much. Hearing this broke my heart I wanted to cry but I tried to be strong for him so I didn't. He couldn't talk for long so we ended it on an I love You. Now the letters... I received about 3-4 and these are my first letters. He explained to me how horrible it is for him there and how he wish he never left without me by his side. He is thinking about switching to Navy reserve so he can come home and spend time with me for a side and hopefully make my high school graduation. He never cries so to hear that he has makes me cry. I cant stop crying as I write this Im so distraught and i miss him sooo much. He wants to propose to me his graduation day, he is the only guy for me so of course Im going to say yes i just want him here with me. Have your emotional pain ever reached it's highest peak and cause physical pain... I have my heart hurts so badly.
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Thank you so much but he is coming home for medical discharge so he will be home next week! thank you!!

It's heartbreaking to hear that he hates it there and misses you dearly. Im happy for the both of you for getting a chance to hear eachother. I bet that pushes him even harder to get back home to you! I wish you both the best. My prayers and thoughts are with you both, hope it gets a little better and easier for you two!