Normal To Freak? And new to this haha

My boyfriend just got out of boot camp and is in A school right now. He seems like he's changed, like his attitude toward everyone and everything, except when it comes to me, he seems to be a lot more...I want to say clingy but at the same time not just cause we've been apart for so long. And he really wants sex, which I know is totally my decision and he let's me know that but it seems like he brings it up a lot more than ever before. And I understand they don't get to see their gf's often and it's something guys think about a lot, but idk. And he is always the one to initiate calls and Skype, and I don't do that cause I don't know if he is busy, or if his roommates are there and hed rather them not be so we can talk. But lately he'll tell me he will call and then he doesn't and I don't know if he wants me to initiate or if he just doesn't want to talk to me. Ughhhh I don't know what to do, I'm really bad with talking to him about this stuff cause maybe it's just that he is busy and I'd just make him feel bad, cause I know when I say stuff like I miss him and talk about prom and stuff he always feels bad that he can't be there with/for me, and I hate making him feel guilty!!! And no one in my family and none of my friends have never had a military bf, so its hard to talk to them about it.
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yeah i understand what you mean.

So I'm just guessing he's all done with school and stuff and is already on a ship? What's it like for you/him?

He is actually not on a ship yet he still needs to attend C School. Which I know is going to be pretty rough stuff. As far as what it is like for us.. I see saw him alot while he was in A school because I live roughly 1.5 hours away from base. Next week he will be going off to C school in San Diego. I'll be staying here. We are newly married however only a handful of people know at this time. The next time I'll be able to see him is in Aug, at our wedding.

Oh gotcha,and that's good you live pretty close, but the deployment will probs suck a bit. And congradulations!!! That's wonderful (:

When Seth and I first stared dating I was the same way. So i just would casually ask him if his roommate was there or what he was doing. We have been pretty fortunate in the fact that alot of the time his roommate was not around or would have his headphones in. So we were able to talk about whatever. Also you should not feel bad telling him whats going on in your life, your excited about prom and want to talk about, just like how im sure when he is excited he tells you about. The most important thing about a military relationship is keeping those lines of communication open!

Thanks a lot for the advice, I know I should be able to talk to him about that stuff, but he always feels so guilty about even joining and leaving me here. I just hate making him feel that way. And I know it's important and I'll tell him pretty much everything else that's going on! But yea