It's Only The Second Day

My fiancée left Sunday at 330. I got to talk to him Sunday while he was down in Lansing at the meps center and Monday morning before his bus left for great lakes. I awaited anxiously by my phone all Monday night, I kept it right by my pillow in case he got down there late and so I wouldn't miss his call and hearing his voice. I know that new recruits get a call when they first get down there to let someone know that they had made it to rtc. And so I've been waiting since last night and now its mid afternoon on the next day and I just want to hear his voice. I didn't think it would be this hard, I hadn't been thinking about him leaving because I didn't want him to see me cry. I just want to hug him and breathe him in. I cannot wait to get his first letter, I just wish these 9 weeks were done!
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I know what you mean too, boyfriend wanted to call me when he had his 3 minutes but i told him not too and to call his mom first. I think i hurt his feeling when i said it but honestly his mom is going threw a harder time than i am, and i am taking him leaving pretty hard she deserves his call. Keep your head up girly in no time you will have him back in y our arms even though it feels and seem like an internity.

I know what you mean. My friends and coworkers sympathize but they don't really get it. I'm bummed I didn' get a call, I'm thinking he didn't want to call me to late, he knew I had to work today at 6am. I just wanted to hear his voice and hear that he made it down safe. I can't wait to get his address so I can send him his letters! What job does your boyfriend have lined up after boot and tech school? Tj is a CT, cryptologic technician!

ET - Electronics Technician (Submarine) or STS - Sonar Technician (Submarine) not positive which he chose but most definitely is in a submarine. He'll be in connecticut for his schooling which is the state over from me! so I'm super excited...although it is still a 2 hour drive but it's most def worth the drive!

haha and in all honesty the only reason he called me was because my number was the only number he remembered plus it was wayyyy to late for him to call his parents they're older and his mom works at 5am

i'm in the exact same boat as you just not the engaged part, my boyfriend left sunday and i got a call late monday night, they might end up being in the same ship or maybe the same division, I'm here if you need anyone to talk to =) these forums and websites are definitely helping me get through. What i'm absolutely looking forward to is his graduation =) keep your head up!