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Confused Now

when your sailors go underway..what happens? Do they just up and leave whenever their told too? When do you hear from them? I know theres no contact by phone & my boyfriend has my email address,but I dont have his yet. My friend who's boyfriend was in the navy yrs ago said that sometimes they arent allowed to tell anyone the exact day they are leaving.So now im confused its not really comforting that he might just up and leave.. =/ I tried to ask him if I will hear from him or not & he said he doesnt know what to expect on a ship b/c its new to him too. After that idk he seemed to get annoyed with me b/c he was busy =( so I said ok fine we dont have to talk about it now and that I was sorry. I care about him alot and I dont wanna loose him but now im afraid I pushed him away with asking..hes never reacted like that before with me.Well I hope we talk tomorrow.
Thesewords Thesewords 26-30, F 1 Response Apr 28, 2012

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My boyfriend is also in the Navy. He usually gets a schedule saying when he'll be gone underway before deployment. When he's underway it varies on how long he's gone, sometimes a few day sometimes a few weeks. Also, he's known ahead of time when he'll be gone for deployment. It's hard knowing he'll be gone for 7 1/2 months. He e-mails me daily. Sometimes he e-mails me a lot in one day, sometimes VERY little. He is able to call, it's harder for him to call when he's underway for short period of time than when he's gone on deployment for a long period of time. The phone calls are short and aren't a daily call, but it's good to hear his voice when he's away. Talking with him & other Navy girlfriends/wives helps a lot. Also, keeping yourself busy makes the time go by faster & easier.

Oh all my boyfriend tells me so far is that he's busy and he cant always text me all the time and its better to txt him incase he's working and he works when they tell him too,he did just get to the base where he's gonna be though so idk maybe that makes a difference..he doesnt usually txt me or call first unless i do, so that makes me worry that he might forget about me,how am I gonna know that he will keep in touch while he's away u know :/ and how he got annoyed b/c he was busy when I asked him has me sick b/c I havent talked to him yet. I mean im only 1 person and I feel like im suppose to be super woman and do this all on my own right now im worried he's mad at me or something when he's probably just busy. Not knowing when he's gonna be leaving soon makes it worse the guy I love is gonna disappear and there isnt anything I can do about it is how I feel at the moment.