I was confiding in my friend about how much I was missing my sailor and she starts going on about how people aren't the same when they come out of basic and that they completely change. I can see how that could happen but I just don't want my boyfriend to lose his personality, his sense of humor, everything that I love about him. He was so excited to be in the navy, I'm just hoping he's happy and it's everything he wanted.
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Two Months goes by really fast. At first for me it was just a get through this day get through this week. You can do this. And I was worried he would change. I had a friend that did the same thing. Told me how much he would change and how it wouldn't be the same blah blah. The day after he left... It sucked. But I don't think hes changed. I will see him Friday! Hes graduating boot camp and honestly it doesn't feel like its been two months. Yeah the first couple weeks were slow and hard. But that last month just FLEW by. It will be over before you know it. Trust me :) If you ever have any questions or just need to vent feel free to message me. :)

Im hoping you're right! It's so weird from talking to someone everyday seeing them multiple times a week to no contact at all. Thank you! Same to you if you need to talk :)

It is really weird at first but you adjust fast. There are still times I wish I could call him up and talk to him though and I always have to remember... Oh wait... I can't. :/

I had the same worry but when mine came back he was just more serious, we still goofed around. And they are really just more disciplined and used to orders so at first all the freedom is kinda odd to them lol.

That doesn't sound too bad. Two months is too long.

It really isn't too bad. And the two months as long as you keep yourself busy isn't terrible.