I'm 23, he's 26. When I met him I didn't think much of it, especially because I knew he was planning to leave for the navy and I didn't think I would want to be involved with someone who I knew was leaving. We met mid February, were together by March...fell in love, and he thought he was leaving in Aug but he found out a couple of days ago that he's leaving May 14th for boot camp. So...I thought I had 3 more months and now I have about a week. We both love each other very much, and he wants me to move to wherever he is posted (he is in the seal program), and we've talked about getting married later on.
I guess this is what to be expected if you are a navy girlfriend/wife...I just am wondering if anyone has advice to help me get through this. It was bad enough for me imagining he was going to leave in 3 months, and now it's a week.
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Honestly yes. I have encountered friends and family who are against it. He was in the navy when we met so for us its all we really know. My Brother is not very happy about the marriage and a few of my friends didnt agree as well. I was told that I was dumb for "uprooting" my life for some boy. I was also told that there was no point in me getting my heart set on him since he is just going to cheat on me because "thats what navy guys do". Trust me hearing these things kill, But i love my husband more then life, he is a amazing man who would more heaven and earth for me. You just really really need to be able to trust your heart.

hey there, life as a navy girlfriend/ wife. oh boy i could talk for HOURS on this subject. Its hard but worth it is my main point! I love my husband more then life itself, and i hate being away from him but this is his job and our life. it is what it is. there are a couple facebook pages that i really love! <br />
ok this first one is for all military wives and girlfriend<br /><br />
<br />
and then this one is just for sailor girls. you should check em out <br />

My husband went through bootcamp in December, and it went by super fast. (: This website helped me out A LOT to prepare for him leaving and while he was gone. The best way to honestly get through it without making yourself depressed is by just not thinking about the fact that he's gone. I know it probably sounds impossible because he's a big part of your life, and it does take a little while to get used to it. But you just have to go about your day and keep yourself very very busy with work, school, hobbies, working out, whatever. Don't just sit at home and think about him and what he might be doing. All you can do is do whatever makes you happy and push him to the back of your mind. Just think about how exciting his graduation will be, how amazing it will be to finally see him again--happy things, not sad things. What also helps is writing letters. Write a letter to him every day and just tell him about your day. It really does make you feel better and he will love getting all those letters from you (: I sent so many that he ran out of room in his drawer! lol. My husband is now at his duty station, and I will be moving over there in a few days. It's weird to think about how little time I've actually spent with him in the past 6 months because it really doesn't seem that way. I have really gotten used to the fact that he's gone. You just have to stay positive about it and remember he is always always thinking about you and missing you 1000x more because he is away from everything that he knows and loves. If you don't hear from him that often, remember that he is very busy and probably hasn't gotten very much sleep. Don't think too hard on it and stress yourself out. <br />
One thing you will definitely learn being involved with the Navy is that nothing is ever for sure. Plans and dates always change. It sucks but that's the way it is, so you always have to prepare yourself for that. Get refundable plane tickets, have a plan for just in case a date changes, etc.<br />
Sorry this is so much info all at once! I hope I'm helping you out a little bit. (: Good luck!