Laid Back Movie Nights, To Five Minute Phone Calls.

December 9th, 2010 the guy of my dreams asked me to be his girlfriend. I had already fallen for him, from the first time he gave me a hug a few weeks before. Our age difference concerned me, he is three years older, and at the time I was 15. We had the perfect relationship though, everyone wanted a guy like mine, everyone wanted what we had. I never wanted a guy my age, they only had one thing in mind. James on the other hand just wanted someone, something to keep him going. Him and I both had just went through some things that changed us, a lot. We both needed something to keep us.. Here. We found each other. A month later, he told me he had fallen for me, he loves me. Another month, our relationship moved forward even more. A few months later, he brought up military. I am always one to put someones happiness first, and this was more than happiness, this was his life, his choice. I told him what I honestly thought, no I didn't want him leaving, but I didn't want to see him stuck where we lived either. There isn't anything there, for anyone. I let him go. Months of DEP meetings, and recruiter visits. None bothered me, I went with him to his meetings a lot of times, and got to know the recruiters my sister kept track of. She's up there in the ranks lets just say. Perfection. A day short of out 10 months, he left for basic. I got 8 letters from him, one a week. I got a few phone calls around the end of basic. And some over Thanksgiving. He started A school in early December, so he got to come home for Christmas. I wish the 10 days lasted forever. In February, he came home again, emergency leave, his dad was dying. I stayed with him a few nights, not wanting him alone at the hospital. Him and his grandma fought, she's old, didn't know what was happening, and didn't care. I came home crying, I thought I'd get to see him again before he left. Another phone call, him and his dad were headed to a bigger hospital, four hours away, where he would fly out of. The last night I saw him, I was driving in the opposite direction. No hugs, no kisses. No I love you's. Just anger and frustration. We have discussed our future together, and the path that leads there is blurry some days, and crystal clear the next. He is graduation A school soon, then C school in Virginia. I start college next year, and hopefully after two years, I'll join him wherever he is, and become more than a girlfriend.
sarahcooper223 sarahcooper223
May 6, 2012