So last time i posted it was saying i wasn't going to be able to go to my Sailors Graduation, WELL i talked my boss into letting me go!
Im so excited and nervous its unreal, i feel like im on cloud eight.
Not only did i book my flight but his parents are letting me stay with them on the navy base to help save money so that was a plus
found a cheap taxi to get me there but my favorite part of that day was i got my 2nd phone call!!! :) my first one was on the 3rd.
I sent him previous letters saying i wasn't going to be able to go but when he said "hey its brandon." i jumped right into
"baby i booked my flight im going to your graduation!." his voice and his attitude changed i think he squealed a bit in excitement!
he told me he that made his day and that he is sending me my first letter tomorrow, which was yesterday.

Like his mom said "everything is just falling into place."

I love my Sailor! I couldn't imagine life without him!
leahbrandonsgirl leahbrandonsgirl
18-21, F
May 7, 2012