So Called Friends

I had two sisters I called my best friends for 29 years.  they would get all pissed if I invited anyone they couldn't stand to anything.  Well I introduced them to facebook, and we are now history as friends.
Well now they can't stand me and for spite are becoming facebook friends with everyone I told them I disliked.  For instance, my sister in law always copies everything from me, my hair, my clothes, my likes and dislikes, my nails, my house decor, and now my friends.  These two sisters said they couldn't stand her and always asked why did I invite her along, but now they are friends with her and I have to hear all about their lives without me because she rubs it in my nose every chance she gets.
How can I get over their betrayal when it keeps being rubbed into my face!?
bondgirl15 bondgirl15
1 Response May 7, 2012

Well now I find out that one of my ex-best friends actually made up a disease (copd) so that she didn't have to go for our daily walks. She is now partying frequently with her new friends, got a boob reduction, dresses like I used when we would go out and she even drinks now but would never when we went to a bar together. WTF???!!!! And she even has a mutual friend on facebook posting the pics. We were friends for 29 years, why didn't she just have the respect to tell me that she changed and that I no longer fit in with her lifestyle instead of just ignoring my phone calls or messages and telling people lies that I put her in the middle of fights between me and her sister, and why cant she remember that none of these people she is friends with now ever invited her out in the past 29 years.