He Was Accepted!

My boyfriend was accepted to the Navy as a Pilot. :) - great news!
But...Part of me is very down because I have been so used to seeing him almost everyday (he works like two blocks away from my house) and now that will change . It's going to be tough since we are inseparable. :S
Another thing that makes me bummed is that he was told he was accepted... but my birthday is in August?! He can't get his Physical done until June... so I'm not sure if he'll be around for it. The plan was that he'd fly me to the Keys and bar hop for the first time legally lol.
I'll give you an insight of our relationship, we've been dating for 2 1/2 years and a day after my birthday it'll be 3 years. It hasn't been a perfect relationship. We've been on a crazy roller coaster...we have broken up like 3 times, honestly for silly things now that I think of it lol. When we started dating he wasn't interested or I mean didn't have the Navy in mind. Although, his dad was in the Navy and was surrounded by the military life he wasn't so in tuned with it. But this is what turned him to wanting to join: My family and I went to Homestead's airshow, he came along and we were walking and looking at the planes and the helicopters. He got to sit inside and coast guard heli for a picture and I swear he sat there and starred at the machinery and said, " Babe, this is what I want to do. I feel that this is calling me."- meaning that he wanted to join the military. When he said that I got worried and I was afraid and you know girls... us creatures have the tendency to get worried about things we should even worry about. Anyway, I have always been supportive towards his decisions and I'm am really proud of him for choosing to go forth and reach towards his goals.
His recruiter called him last week and told him he was 90 out of 300 applicants chosen to be a pilot. I was super happy but inside I felt this feeling of realization, omg... he's going to be gone and I will not see him at all. I'm scared of what life will do through time.
I was reading on this website that this guy said he wanted to break their relationship off because it was to much for him to handle. My boyfriend told me not to worry that we will be fine. :) Reassurance, that's what we need from our men to tell us.
The first time I saw was through a picture my cousin was showing me. I fell in love with him when I saw his picture and when I saw him in person I was like literally drooling lol.... I'm exaggerating! I was really into him. I still feel that way... I still feel like I'm crazy in love for for him and I ALWAYS WILL.
Anyone please give me some ideas to do and how to cope and deal for this drastic change i'm about to enter. I never in my life ever imagined i'd be in a military relationship. I trust my boyfriend and I adore him. I want him to be happy. :)
So what can i do? I know writing a lot of letters will help both of us. As you can see i can go on and on with writing lol! hehehe... So what else could I send him what is allowed and what isn't? Is there such a website that tells you what you can send and not send... idk some info I can be informed with what I'll be needing to know.
I have two jobs and I'm a full time student and I'm going insane... now my baby, my best friend, the love of my life will leave behind for 3 months and longer since he wants to work 20 years for the Navy. O.O
One thing I've been doing is that I've been really cheerful when he's around and I try really hard not to think that he'll be leaving. I'm trying enjoy the time I have now and enjoy him.
I'm up for the challenge and I'll make things work whether we far or close just getting used to the distance will be helpful. I'll just need lots of positive advice and people to talk to. :)
Thanks for reading and helping me go through this roller coaster of feelings I'm going through now. Please if any ideas I would love to read them and advice. Thanks and I'd really appreciate it.
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Yeah that's the worst my friends I either get the oh he's just gonna cheat on you as soon as he's gone or the why would you stay and wait for him so frustrating!

Wow, that's messed up. I would be furious if my best friend would say that to me.
If you have trust in your relationship then you're fine. You'll need trust to keep the relationship going.
Lol, we found each other! Talk to me whenever you need to talk to someone. Someone that actually knows what you;re going through. :)
I'm here for ya chica!

I'm going thru the same thing I've been with my bf almost 2 years comes 4th of July and he never had an interest in the navy then 6 months ago he tells me he's joining we're waiting to hear when he's leaving but it's really stressful and we've been bickering about every little thing in the book and he's also said he's worried about me being lonely with him gone so if you need somebody to talk to I'm here since were going thru it at the same time good luck to you guys

Thanks, I really need to find someone that knows what I'm going through... because my friends don't understand me. I mean... they try to but it's the same... you know. o.o
But thank you and if anything you can message me and well talk... vice-versa. :)

I'm scared/ excited to go through this experience with my soon to be sailor... excluding the emotional part. It's difficult to explain how much I truly care about my man. He's a great person... and it's definitely going to be extremely hard to get used to seeing him a LOT less. Like I said before, I see him almost everyday then drastically changing to not seeing him at all is going to be punch to the stomach.

Your about to go on an amazing emotional roller coaster, and it will be all worth it. If you need support, i have made a great support page on facebook, please check it out!!! http://www.facebook.com/MySailorStoleMyHeart