Seriously Stressing

Stressing about what I should write it my first letter. I feel like everything I'm saying is lame or boring. Any suggestions?
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3 Responses May 8, 2012

I write my sailor every single day! Tell him what you did that day, so he doesn't feel like he is missing anything. Also tell him how much you love him, what you day dream during the day.. so it gets him thinking about the future with you. Just pour your heart out... those letters mean everything to him. Those are what keeps him going, because boot camp is not a fun place to be at time!! Stay strong for him, and let him know you are staying positive! <br />
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It doesn't matter how lame it may seem to you. Alot of times mine were just telling him what I did that day. He always talked about how isolated he felt there, so anything you tell him helps. Even if things seem silly to say, he will love to hear from you.

What ever you write on that paper send it to him, those letters rather seem lame and boring are what's keeping him motivated. Write about how your day is, what you did, the news (because he has no idea what is going on on the outside world) how much you miss him, how much you miss the little things that yall did. hope this helps