it's official my flight is booked! can not wait to see him<333333
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Aww yay! i booked my flight this weekend too, his graduation is june 22nd also. You going to Great lakes?

yesss ! =) i'm so excited!

ohh grats:]<br />
: my SR left on april 4 and his PIR is June1 and i still dont have my ticket over there.-. i barely have enough for the hotel:[ it sucks being broke ...

orbitz.com or cheaptickets! you can book flight, hotel, and car ! i only spent 290!

yea alright thanks all look into that &amp; my SR said he's gonna see if he could access his money already &amp; send me check so I'll have enough to go see him:3

When did he leave?

he left april 22nd

when is his PIR?

june 22