This Is The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done :'(

Tonight I dropped my baby off at a hotel, he leaves in the morning for Chicago, 8 weeks of boot-camp and then 6 weeks of school. I am ripping apart at the seams. This will be the longest I have been away from him in 2 years. You ladies are so strong. I dont know how you do it. I dont wanna cry but the tears keep streaming. Break it to me, what can I expect from boot-camp? will I hear from him? He is in the Navy I am not sure if that makes too much of a difference.
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I'm not for sure how that works in the navy, but I'm sure you can work through it, because women are the backbone in a relationship, because we screw up all the time and you all knock us back in line! You will be fine, because your love for one another is so strong it will make it. I will keep you in my prayers to keep you strong and give you comfort.

My sailor graduated from boot camp three weeks ago!! He is now in A school. The couple weeks will feel like the hardest.... but try to stay busy!! You will receive one or two phone calls out of the 8 weeks he has been there. You will get a letter either two or three weeks into boot camp. I keep a journal, and write down all my emotions, and I write a letter to him EVERY SINGLE DAY!! It's okay to cry, the nights are the hardest... I still cry myself to sleep sometimes, because it's okay to miss him!!<br />
Please if you have facebook, add my page!! Its a support group it will defiantly cheer you up!!

i guess i better get use to puffy eyes. lol.

Boot camp will seem like a piece of cake once he has to leave for one month for like a test deployment. Once they finish A school and Boot camp everything else in ways gets a lot tougher then in other ways gets a lot easier. Mine is out of A and boot camp and is now doing his test deployment, which is where they will get sent out on the ship for one month striaght to make sure they know their job and can get trained properly before their actual deployment, which in most cases is two weeks after the test one and the actual deployments are around 10 months, or so lukes is. Im in my third week of his test deployment and my mom has spoken to him once since he has been out at sea, however i missed his phone call, which has made this a lot harder, knowing he tried to contact me, but i was to busy to even know he called till late that night. <br />
Boot camp now will seem tough not talking to him but i promise it doesnt get easier and i agree the letters will mean a whole lot more, even though you can't hear his voice, you still can hear him writing the letter, and knowing he has taken the time and effort to write you an actual letter will be the best feeling, you will read it and re-read it over and over, that i can assure. Hang in there. It is all worth it. Plus being a Navy's girlfriend is sooo much better than just a guys girl, your relationship will be much stronger after the distance and time is a normal thing. I promise!

Thank you so much I need that. I miss him so much. I just cant wait to hear from him.

though so the phone call can mean alot more to you.<br />
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Keep your head up and stay strong for your man, we're their main supporters :)<br />
Writing letters helps me get threw the tough days/nights they make me feel like he is there with me listening to me and holding me close.<br />
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Hope this helps a little bit, You can message me anytime if you need too.<br />
once our men are out it will be a lot easier and better.

This **** sucks. I think they should give more props to girls who do this. We are deff. the crutch that keeps our men going. It is so weird being alon because I have lived with only him for a year now and its weird bring in the house alone. I just wish I could keep busy but he is always on my mind. Your almost half way done with boot camp. I can only imagine where you are at. Thank you so much for the thoughts. it is nice feeling like im not the only one.

Mine has been boot camp for 3 weeks now, its a going to be along and tough road for the both of you, but remember her is thinking about you more than you're of him.<br />
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He needs you to support him so write him letter everyday print off a picture of you (not one from the stores just regular paper off a computer they can keep those)<br />
<br />
Keep yourself busy it helps ease your mind and helps the time fly. The first call you will get around the 2nd week but keep in mind he hasn't heard a kind voice since he talked to the outside world so he might sound off/different he may cry with you or he could be as he always his (my sailor was off different didn't say much on the first call) <br />
<br />
You will get a letter around the 3rd week and i can tell you this, the phone call ment a lot to me but the letter means a lot more, everyone is different.

My guy has been in boot camp for a week now and I haven't heard from him yet. It's really hard not seeing/talking to him but being in the navy is something he really wants to do so I gotta be supportive! Everyone on this website says boot camp is the hardest part but once he gets out its so much better, so that's something you can look forward to.