First Personal Letter!

I got my first letter today!! :)
It took me an hour before i opened it though, scared of what it might say, scared if i was going to start crying at work.
But first words was "I love you" and that my letters are making him do better and the pictures help him everday.

45 more days till i get to see my Sailor!
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7 Responses May 9, 2012

Its hard i know but we can get threw this. We have to be strong for our sailors, keep yourselves busy it helps and write him as much as you can because it eases the pain. To me writing to him makes me feel like he is right there with me listening to me. The only thing i DON"T write to him about is the stress i am under or the problems are going on because the last thing they need to know is the bad things that are happening, it only puts more stress on them. If you have any questions you can message me anytime you would like!

We got his PIR letter that fallowing saturday i believe,,,no it was the 2nd saturday he was there, he got there April 18th which was a wednesday and we got it the 2nd saturday after that. Those 2 weeks felt horrible. The whole bootcamp thing is miserable but the first 2-3 weeks of not hearing from him at all was the worst now that we have a way of contacting him its a lot less stressful but still not as easy.<br />
<br />
Ya'll will get yalls real soon :) keep yourselves busy it helps a lot.

uhhh :( two weeks of feeling like this. yikes.

Thank you! When did you get the PIR letter?

They send a PIR letter first thats how you get the address<br />
the PIR letter is just information letter for the graduation, its nothing "personal" <br />
but once you get that letter you can send him as many letters as you want to :)

Do they send one first or do you?

Three weeks as of today, he called me saturday and told me he was sending me my letter tomorrow (sunday)<br />
<br />
The first letter means so much! Hearing his voice ment a lot but he couldn't tell me much of what was going on he acted strang but in his letter it felt like him, the guy i knew and love. hope you get yours soon!

That is so exciting! How long was it before you got that? I cant wait to get my 1st letter.