Dont Know What To Expect.....

My boyfriend and I have only been dating 2 monthes, but we have been bestfriends for 6 monthes before. He is 19 and i am only 17 and dont know how to handle him leaving. He has signed with the Navy and gone to meps, he is suposed to go to bootcamp in October and i know that is 4 monthes away but i am already dreading him having to leave. I absolutly love him and will wait for him, I just dont know how long he will be gone or what to expect at all. I have friends who are in a high school military program with me and they say they will be there to help but they are all underclassmen and dont understand how it feel to have the man you love getting ready to leave. I also dont know how to put his mind at ease and tell him not to worrie about missing anything beacuse he is freaking out about missing my 18th birthday and my aunts wedding. I keep telling him that dating a military man I did not expect him to be able to be there for everything, but I dont think it helps.
HisAngel01 HisAngel01
18-21, F
May 9, 2012