So Annoyed

Ok so I was writing this whole thing about my boyfriend and as I was typing EP refreshed itself so short verison now that the first one got deleted.
My boyfriend is on a ship right now has been for about 2 weeks now, I emailed him but havent gotten a reply,but hes been on facebook twice so that made me a bit mad and I sent him a msg saying that it would be nice if he would reply back since I am here waiting for his return missing him and being completely faithful. Im just tired right now im not gonna sit here and be a proud navy gf b/c right now im not, I miss him and I love him so much and need him here. If i had to choose a career for my boyfriend it wouldnt of even been military anything. Im also tired of friends that make smart *** comments..if they cant be supportive then I dont need them as my friend. Bleh Im just fed up,sad and had a bad day :(
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May 9, 2012