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My boyfriend just left for bootcamp in the Advanced Communication Electronics Field, and I'm a little confused about his job. Originally, he told me he signed the contract for 4 years active duty, but then told me that it may have to be extended to 6 years because of the amount of schooling he must go through. The only thing I found online about it said this also. However, a few days ago he said that this extension may be optional? He may only need to serve the 4 years, not 6. I was just wondering if any of you have a boyfriend who is in the same field and can tell me if this is true or not.
Also, my boyfriend doesn't know yet whether his rating is going to be an ET or an FC. What are the major differences between these two ratings? I heard that FC's are more frequently put on ships and ET's have more shore duty. Clarification on that would be great!
Thank you.
~ Emily

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Hey!! Your guy is going into the same field that mine went into! :)<br />
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My boyfriend went in as ACEF. It wasn't until he was a few weeks into boot camp that they narrowed down his rate to an FC. From what he has told me, I think that ET's do have more opportunities to have shore duty because there are many more stations for them. He told me that ET is a broader field than FC so there are many more places to select from. I am pretty sure that they both have to go through deployments though. I don't know exactly what ET's do, but I know that Fire Controlmen work on the radar, missiles, and/or other large weaponry on the ship. His contract is for 6 years active duty and then 2 years reserve. Right after my boyfriend graduated boot camp, he started ATT school (apprentice technical training?) in the same naval ba<x>se. After he completed ATT school he immediately started A school (also at the same ba<x>se). He told me that both FCs and ETs go through the same ATT courses so after your boyfriend graduates boot camp I think he will be staying at the same ba<x>se to complete that portion of his schooling. My boyfriend just graduated A school in mid-march. He is on hold right now, which means he is kind of in limbo. His hold status will end when the Navy has a class seat open for him in C school. There are only two C school locations FC's can end up after completing A school. He can end up either in California or Virginia. My boyfriend and I are hitting our one year anniversary of being a military couple and after a whole year he has been in the same location, Naval Station Great Lakes. That's the one sucky part... I think this is why the minimum time requirement for this field is 6 years instead of 4. These sailors spend the first year or so in school, training. <br />
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If you have any questions at all, don't hesistate to ask. :)

Wow cool! Haha I'm so glad I found someone who has so much in common :-)
Justin will be staying in Great Lakes for A school, and I'm actually pretty glad about that because it's only about 4 hours away. When your boyfriend was in A school were you able to communicate on a regular basis? I heard they can have cell phones and stuff. And did you get to go out to visit him on base occasionally? I understand why the contract has to be extended, because of the extra schooling, but at least my boyfriend will be fairly close for the first year or so. Thanks so much! :-)

I was able to talk to him almost every day while he was in A school. It was in ATT school where communication was more difficult. It took him a while to get adjusted to his schedule. They moved him 3 times in the four of weeks of ATT school. I only went to visit him once after graduation. He graduated July 8th of last year. I went to visit him in Chicago in March of this year. It was near the end of his A school. I am sure you can see your guy more often than that. The only reason why our visits were so scarce is because I have a really busy school and work schedule that's hard to plan around. Plus, I live in Florida so it is difficult to plan flights up there to visit. The longest I went without seeing him is 5 months.

Oops, it's actually the advanced COMPUTER electronics field, not communications.... lol.