Honestly sometimes I don't know if I'm cut out for this. Not talking to him is driving me crazy! Sometimes it feels like he's not even a real person. Also I was reading these stories on tumblr about some girl who had a boyfriend in the navy and he just dumped her and wasn't very nice about it. I'm just terrified of investing everything into someone and have it thrown back in my face.
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Stop reading all the negative things! They're not going to help you only make things worse for you and your man, bringing problems up that most likely will not happen between the both of you, everyone is different when it comes to realationships and the navy, some people aren't cut out for it but God wouldn't put you in this situation if he didn't believe you couldn't handle it.. Stop worrying, i worry all the time but i find positive things like his letters or the things he has done while he was here that reminds me that he loves me, yes what we're going threw is tough but you have to let go and stay away from all the negativity in your life for your sake and his. Just Pray about it and leave it all in Gods hands he knows what he is doing and he wouldn't let you break. "God will either teach you how to fly or he catches you before you fall."