Some Days Are Better Than Others.

Yesterday and today has been awful, i miss Brandon like crazy i feel so depressed and lonely. So ready for the weekend, hoping it will ease my mind one of my good friends wants to take me out to the movies and go get pedis which im looking fwd to but I can't stand listening (maybe i sound selfish for saying that but its true) to her talk about how her husband is gone 8 days a week and or how he hasn't called her in the last hr. I go depressed and think to myself how i just want to lash out at her and say
" At least you get a phone call at least he comes home to you when it isn't working, at least you get to tell him you love him and miss him and talk to him about everything and anything when you want to and hug him and kiss him at the end of the week and almost everynight when he is working closer to home and is ABLE to come home to you at night at least you can text him while is at work and see how he is doing."
I understand that its hard for her that he works in the oil fields and is gone but she doesn't understand what its like not having the ability she has to be able to contact him when ever she wants to and not be able to have him wrap his arms around you at the end of the day/week to get those cute kisses on your forhead she doesn't realize how lucky she is to get all of that. It makes me sick when she calls me and tells me "nate left he wont be back for 3 days." or "Nate left and he wont be back till the morning."
I know she is my friend and i need to support her as well cuz i understand it sucks for our loved ones to be gone but i wish she would tone it down a little.
On top of that i left my phone at home and i'm scared to death brandon will have time to call and i'll miss it.
-Staying Strong and Staying Positive-

Thanks for listening to my problems girls!
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Yes thank you. I do i kind of just sit there and listen to her and try to give advise and help her out as much as possible, some days i feel like i can't even tell her why one day i am down because she interrupts me and goes on about her man. I tell her i know how it feels not having him close or getting a phone call but she calls me crazy for still being with my man. Friends right? :/ i am just happy i found this website because at least we understand another and help another threw it without the negativity and bashing.