Bf Lost At Sea

Im starting to think I should let go but then at the sametime I feel like I cant......he's been away on a ship a couple weeks now and I havent heard from him at all. I dont even feel like his girlfriend anymore.Im losing hope and no nobody can tell me that he loves me he's just busy he's never even said those words we never even been together in person. Ive never met his family I dont have countless hours or years of of memories of time spent with him or pictures.Im just tired discouraged out of hope sad and I want my boyfriend back....why hasnt he msged me :( I dont understand, Im good to him wanna be with him dispite of him being in the navy. But no matter how much I think of it I feel like i dont deserve this. Yes I know I should support him and be understanding and be strong and I am doing all that but as the days pass without a word from him i lose hope I feel like the guy I love has disappeared and took my heart with him.I dont know what to do anymore,atleast before I got to talk to him so that made it easy kept me going.But now theres no communication between me and him at all and he's been on facebook well atleast I know he was about 5 days ago. Nobody understands what im going thru.....and I dont dare tell my family. Im confused,tired and just feel kinda numb for the first time ever I dont know what i should feel or what I should do.
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3 Responses May 11, 2012

I hope soon! :) Good luck!

Honestly he might be really busy with the Navy. They own him. I know my boyfriend wishes he could call me more often but he can't. It's something both you and him have to get used to. I think when he talks to you he just wants to make the best out of it while he can. Just talk to him and ask him what he want's in your relationship and tell him your concerns.

You just need to think to yourself what do you want in a relationship. When I first dated my boyfriend he didn't introduce me to his family for 2 years. I would try and try but he never wanted me to meet them. I soon realized he was just really embarrassed by them and had some really bad history. I didn't meet his mom till about the 4 year we were dating. Maybe you should talk to him and tell him how you feel and see what he says. I know that men don't like guessing in relationships. You need to tell him straight up what your concerns are and if he is willing to at least meet you half way with a compromise.