New And Scared

My boyfriend joined the navy right after we started dating in december. he left monday the 7th .Im having a really hard time. We were always together. I miss him so much. I know i can do this just wish i had someone to talk to that knew what i was going through.
teaonalynn teaonalynn
18-21, F
2 Responses May 12, 2012

You are not alone girly, we are all missing our men. It is a tough road. my man left on the 8th. I am pretty new at this aswell. The girls on here are great though. You can tell us everything your feeling because believe me we are feeling it too. Just write your heart out and hopefully eventually it will get easier. Just never forget your love for him and know that his love for you is growing 100x more a day. He is missing you so much too. I know having no contact is the worst part but eventually we will have contact. Just have faith. Smile even when your crying. It does help. And know we are here for you.

Hey, don't be scared girly, I'm new to this too. My sailor hasn't even left yet but he will soon we don't have an exact date. Don't feel alone, because we all feel like this. Write him a whole lot, stat now because he'll be so grateful that you did when he receives them. He'll feel like he's alone too and he'll be missing you tons. So write to him. If you ever want to talk you can count on me!