Still no PIR letter :/ wish it would get here already.
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Ohh, okay. Thanks!

how long has it been, I just got it today and he left on the 8th... but got there the 9th. It will come, and when it does its so exciting just to see their handwriting, oh how I love his chicken scratch! Smile sweetie it is prob on its way.

Ugh he left the 2nd. What if I never get it :/

Well it may go to his parents, have you checked with them yet.

Can't it go to anyone he wishes to send it to? No I don't really talk to them like that.

No it goes to his primary address, I am sure they most likely have it. Call and ask, they will be glad to know he has someone else supporting him.

if this helps, Tyler got to camp on the 9th and he grads on July 6th. so it will most likely be either June 30th or July 1st.

If my guy left with my address couldn't he just write me first?

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It takes time. Patience is the key.<br />

What does PIR stand for?

Pass in Review, it will have his address and graduation date :D

Mine took 16 days to get. You just have to be patient. It's hard but worth it. :)