41 More Days Till We Meet Face-to-face

hello, everyone so let me tell you about my story . my friend and her boyfriend introduced me and alex . alex is in the navy and my friends boyfriend is in the coastguard , they are best friends. so me and alex have been talking for almost 2 months now ! but i have not met him face to face we have only email and chat , which is really tough . but anyways as of today i have not talked to him in a whole month he is on training ship for 2 months, hes heading down to costa rica. i have really fallen for his personality when we do chat he makes me all giddy inside! he makes my bad days turn into good ones. heres the catch..... i am totally freaking out for when we actually meet face to face what if i am not attracted to his physical appearance ? this is the worst thing a girl has thought!? and the thing is i do not know why i am having doubts about this either. any advice will much be appreciated ! thanks for listening
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I think looks have a little bit to do with your relationship. I know that you have to have a physical connection/attraction with someone but that shouldn't be the reason why you aren't or are with that person. You need to also look at the qualities they have as a person. I would rather have someone who is kind hearted, funny, smart...then someone who is hot and a huge jerk! It's your life however and you have to decide that for yourself.

Only time will tell. So you haven't even seen a picture of him? All I know is if he makes you feel special and "giddy" just give him a shot. If you aren't attracted to him then he isn't the one for you! The navy is a hard lifestyle for loved ones but it's soo worth it! My sailor is my everything.

i have seen a picture but not a good one at all, but when i saw it it did make me happy. my friend whose boyfriend is in the coastguard said that when i see him i will fall even more in love with him , because right now we are just getting each others personalities , and he will become way more attractive casue he has such a sweet and loving personality . looks arent everything its how they make you feel . right ?