Entering Navy World

I am a new Navy girlfriend/ Future Navy wife. My MM was sworn in a few weeks ago and is due to leave soon for bootcamp. I have found myself daily researching the long yet exciting journey we have ahead of us. I have been dating my MM for almost 3 years now and we have know each other for 9 years (friends who feel in love) we have a 2 yr old wonderful baby boy together. Im seeking tons of support and advice.Thanks in advance. 
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When my sailor left for bootcamp, I made a rip off calendar of the weeks until he graduated, and then one for the weeks until he could come home the first time. :) I made it look pretty with pictures or drawings and then when I was feeling super lonely and just wanted to see him, I could measure how much longer until I was with him again and able to see him. It worked really well, because at the end of each week I would rip off the number and then write a little note to either him or my self, telling him how I felt this week with everything, or I would tell myself that I lasted another week and I could do it!

Awesome ideal, im going to give it a try! Thank you and good luck with everything!

You are welcome! and thanks :D

Well welcome to the wonderful world! First off you found the right site, the girls are great on here and we always have an open ear. The first couple days are really hard, my man left 6 days ago. Just stay strong and write him all the time, like I write tyler notes on scratch paper at work. Just so they know you are thinking about them, Letters keep them going! Pictures as well, I suggest making a collage on your computer then printing it out, it will allow him to have all his favorites in one spot. Remember when you are feeling weak, we are hear and we are all going through this too, so vent your heart out. You will feel better.

Well put and thank you oh so much! I wish you and Tyler the best! Please keep in touch.