July 6th! We Got The Date!!!!

I am the happiest right now! My baby graduates on July 6th!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to have the address to send the pile of letters too! It only took 6 days to get that information! I have been making collages of pics for him on paint with all his fam and my fam and our friends, I know he will love that! Ahhh... I was having such a ****** day until that letter came.
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2 Responses May 14, 2012

aww have fun. I made a scrapbook for my boyfriend before he went to bootcamp and I kept it but he loved it.

OH :) I have a graduation friend!!!! Tyler is ship 03 div 207.

sorry div 208 lol.

either way, im sure they eat chow together. lol.

I talked to tyler today and he asked me what your mans name was, he said he eats and gets his hair cuts and everything with the boys in 207