All I Want....

omg all I want is the days to pass faster and for him to come back to me this is the longest ive gone without talking to him since we got together 4 months ago and I have no idea when exactly hes coming back from off the ship. I feel like he's not even real anymore,the vanishing navy man who stole my heart. What if I spend all this time waiting for him to come back then he wants to break up with me or doesnt contact me.....atleast most of everyone in the group has gotten to be with their man in person it probably makes it easier atleast you have that commitment,just saying. Some days im fine and hopeful and others just suck.Ya I know "waiting sucks but tuff it out!" :)
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

I understand how you are feeling. I have been with my man for 1 year now and I have only seen him 2 and a half months out of that year. It is hard sometimes to think that they will come back, but some time soon he will and it will be the best day of your life, so look ahead to that day, and take all the days leading up to that one, one at a time. :)

Yeah they do go by bases :D I would also send him emails, because when ever he is in port he can check that so it is faster sometimes than a letter, but old fashioned snail mail letters are also very nice and don't forget about the care packages! They are so much fun to make and he will love it

That's seriously sucks so much. Like yeah I get it they're busy but a simple hello or hey Im okay wouldn't kill them ya know? My biggest fear is that I just won't hear from him ever. For real though message me if you need to talk! And no I haven't see it, what's it about?

I know how you feel. I've had such little time with my guy and the girls on here have been with their boyfriends for years. They've said their "I love yous" and have talked about getting married and the future. I don't have any of that to remember and think about when he's gone. It's been 13 days and no PIR letter has come.