Deployment Stinks

My boyfriend is deployed, on the USS enterprise.

2 months down, (hopefully) only 5 more to go! :/

Keeping myself busy helps, I'm an independent person anyway so that helps a ton, have my friends too.. But I still miss him a lot :(
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Thank you so much. My biggest concern is not being able to communicate so i really appreciate the tips. Thanks again

HI my boyfriend is about to be deployed for the first time and I'm soooooo scared i have no idea what to expect...any advice?

This is the first deployment ive gone through and it's only been 2 months. I've learned a lot a bout his life there but I feel like I still have a lot to learn!... Here is what I've gathered so far....The Internet is a lot slower, and they may have to wait in line for a comp, it's typically a lot easier to just email, a lot faster than uploading a site like fb. Calls- the best thing to do is to get a callig card. A LOT cheaper. And also with calls, he has to wait in line for the phone too.... Care packages- those are like gold to sailors. They live on a boat, doing the same thing, with the same people everyday! Getting a care package is something nice not only cause you get a package full of goodies which is awesome, but it's something different, a little break outta their routine.. Also, sending a care package takes a while to yet to them, so plan accordingly. The packages I've sent him have taken bout 3 weeks to get to him. But I've heard in some cases it could take up to 4-5 weeks...that being said- don't put in the package anything that will go bad/spoil/melt in a 4-5 week period! Also , it's better to send 1-2 to smaller packages vs 1 big package. Typically the bigger the package, the longer it takes to get to them. And the more expensive it takes to mail. Go to a USPS. Cheapest way. The las package I sent only costed me $16... Port-- every once in a while they get to port to a different country. Typically they are there 3-5 days. Most days they have liberty ( they can go off the ship and tour/ sightsee/ do whatev) and part of the time they have to stay on the boat... I think the service may be better when they port cause the only time my bf has bothered to go on fb is when they port. He has been on 2 ports so far. They can't give you much detail on where they are going to port, or where they are going for security reasons. If they break those rules they can get email privileges taken away. But once he ports he can tell me what country he is at.... River city--- river city SUCKS!!! The ship is in "river city" whenever there is a period of time, due to security reasons, that they are not allowed to communicate with us. This happens without notice, and there isn't any way they can give us a heads up about it. It can last a week, it can last a month. Soo- one thing ive learned to keep in mind when I think my bf is being lame and not emailing me is 1- they are busy! they are working 12 hour days every single day and sometimes after there day they just wanna eat and then pass out 2- there may be a line for the comp 3- they may be in river city!!

So care packages.... what did you send? I seem to be brain blogged because I just want to send cookies! Any ideas would greatly be appreciated