Time Lost

Hello EP,

You can call me Rain. I am new to this site, as well as to being a Navy girlfriend. So, here's the sitch:

I moved to Georgia the summer before my Junior year in high school. I was miserable. I felt displaced and angry. Then, I met Jay. He was young then, but so was I. He made me happy to be in Georgia, which trust me was no small feat. He became my closest guy friend, the closest I've ever had. We stayed in touch even after I graduated a year before him. And then when he graduated and went to college... we still stayed in touch. Recently he'd been through some odd relationships. And three months ago we started dating. I always loved him as a person, but being his girlfriend has made me feel this love in a whole new way.

Up front, before he even asked me to be his girlfriend he wanted to know if I'd be comfortable with him going away to the Navy. Being a girl with goals and aspirations myself, I said of course because I want nothing but happiness for him. He deserves it. So when he took the tests and the exams... and came back with the news of an October 30th Basic Training date... I was ecstatic. I was so happy things were going the way he'd planned...

But then...

This morning I got a text from him saying call me as soon as you can ok? So, I did. He says they want to send him to Basic next month... in thirty days....

It was bittersweet... he said. For both of us. I didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. Here I am thinking I have all this time. But you know, I'm going to make the best of it. I'm going to support him all the way because I know he's shooting for the stars. I just want to be there to see it.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

My boyfriend left almost a month ago, just enjoy the time you have while he is still here. I work during the day usually, but the last 2weeks he was here we spent every single night together, we had lots of dates, movie nights, I cooked dinners. We just did everything we could and enjoyed out time together. It's even to include his friends sometimes because he will miss then also. And you don't want him to feel like ou are trying to smother him just show him he will definitely be missed

Thanks you, I will. :D

My situation is similar. My MM bootcamp date was set for Oct 29th of this year then he recieved a calling saying that he may be leaving as soon as July. Now we have doubled up on our time we spend together. My advice is live each day as if there was no tomorrow. Good luck and Im here if you need to talk and plus Im in Georgia as well.

Thanks so much. It really means a lot. :) I'm supposed to see him early tomorrow so we can spend the day together.