Got Another Phone Call!

My phone has been acting up A LOT lately like it turns off by itself it did it to me 3 times yesterday and each time my heart sinks because I fear that while it was off he managed to call me and I missed it. Well It turned off the last time and as soon as it was on i got a phone call, thinking it was going to be those stupid sales people like last time i answered it kind of rudely and sure enough i hear "Heyy babyy its me." My swear my heartskipped a beat we talked and talked he said he misses me, thanked me for all the letters told me NOT to throw them away (of course i wont they're my life support) he said man i have so much to say but i don't no where to begin. He told me where he will be standing at the graduation, how he is in the top rank of his division, how they pulled his wisdom tooth and how the commander makes him smile (he has 1 false tooth because in the 9th grade it was knocked out) when he doesn't have it in and says its hilarious when he makes him smile without it. He sounds so happy and sad at the same time he loves the outdoors but he hasn't been able to see the sun since the day he got there he told me when he gets up at 430 in the moring there is a very tinted window and you can barely see the sun shine thru it but he watches it closely, he is so happy that he joined and i am so proud of him and so thankful he isn't regreting it. He quoted some of the things i wrote to him and said i got it from the movie "Dear John." HAHA made me laugh because I never thought of the movie while writing to him nore any movies. I am just soo happy that it was a 20 minute phone call and not a 2 minute one like the last two times he called. 36 more days! Cannot wait!
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ship 3 div 187 :)<br />
Are you going to his graduation? I am and i can't wait <br />
i am still debating on what i want to wear though haha.

Oh YES! Of course! I already bought the tickets and booked the hotel. just one more month til I finally see his face! :) hahaaa I already got my outfit last week:)))) You should wear dress, I meant that's wat everybody suggest me lol

:) i am staying at the navy lodge with is parents, I am a little nervous about it but they said its so i can save money on a hotel lol. Works for me. I think i am going to wear a white dress, jean jacket and my cowboy boots, i told his mom thats what i want to wear but i don't want to stand out haha.

June 22nd :) can't wait!

sAME HERE!!! mine is on June 22nd too!!!:) What division is he in??

congrats:) When is he going to graduateļ¼Ÿ