He Left Today...taking It Pretty Hard.

My boyfriend left for Great Lakes this morning. I didn't cry at all when we were saying goodbye last night, but I bawled most of my 2 hour drive home. Today has been really hard. I have cried at every little thing that reminds me of him (practically everything) and I miss him SO much. I know this is normal, but I just need to vent to people who understand. :(
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4 Responses May 17, 2012

I've started writing him letters already so I can send them out as soon as I get an address, but sometimes I find it *really* hard to only say positive things. I've kept the first two all positive, but then as soon as I'm done I find myself bawling because I can't say what I'd really like to say because I don't want to bring him down any more than he already will be. I constantly tell him how proud I am of him and how strong he is and that I'm going to stay just as strong and positive for him, but it's hard to really go through with it without him physically here.

I understand you completeyl, I was miserable when my Bf left last month, I have one more month then im off to great lakes. I have been sendin him letters everyday so I think you should do too because my bf said they love it when they recieve letter from home espicially from their gf.

It's very hard, it helps if you start writing him. Even though he isn't there beside you it seems like they're there with us when we write listening to our every word. Keep yourself busy it really helps. Stay strong, Stay positive, keep faith, pray about (this is what i tell my bf everytime i write him, i also go with it.) He will love the letters you write to him and will be thankful that you do.

Hi my boyfriend haven't left yet but I feel your pain. Im here if you need me. Keep yourself busy.