Got 9 Letters From My Love

Had such a bad day today.. My car broke down while I was at school, I failed my quiz and got tons of the homework! Everything was so stressful and I was so upset and cried because I suddenly miss my bf so much. I was thinking, if he was there he must know what to do and I wouldn't feel alone. But I know he wasn't there.. Tears just came out no where and I fell weak and depressed. When I got home and it was like 9 something at night, I checked my mail and I found there were 9 letters from him!! It really made me feel happy suddenly! He was telling me how his life in navy and how he missed me, and he told me how he got my first mail and he scared I will leave him with other guy ( What a dork!) My day just filled with happiness because I forgot all the bad things that just happened to me! I cried while he mentioned he wants to marry with me, because he wouldn't say stuffs like that before. It makes me just want the time goes faster and faster, so I can get to see him on June 22nd!
linwendy10 linwendy10
2 Responses May 17, 2012

awww thats so sweet :) ill be in great lakes on june 15 for my sailors graduation and i cannot wait :)

Congrats! That's amazing news! So happy for you, it always seems like they surprise us when we least expect it especially on a bad say.