Poem -note To Self

Written by Me wanted to share here=D

Note to self
I think of him everyday
I miss him more then I say
Note to self
stay strong
but dont forget its ok to cry
some have years
I have months
but thats ok
because he will
come back
for I am a good person
and he knows it
nobody will love him
more then I can
note to self
this is the hardest thing
I ever had to do
but I do it because
I wanna be with him
and no matter what
ill wait for him
to come back off the ship
ill wait for him
He wants to treat me right
in everyway
said so himself
most girls have years
together with their sailors
I have a handful of months
and promises I hope he keeps
but difference is
long distance is hard
specially when all I want is to be
in his arms for the first time
but it will happen
if we're ment to be
lord I hope so
for this is huge sacrifice
I make everyday for the one
that stole my heart
although we havent met
in person
note to self
dont give up hope
I believe in him
more now then I ever did
because I have too
he is gone
for months away
hope is all I have
and memories
of conversations
I sometimes miss
all the times we
spent in IMs
talking before he joined
I have memories of
his sweet words
that made me smile
now that last phone call I had
seems so short
17 days and counting
ive not heard a word
from him
I hope he thinks of me
note to self
if he doesnt come
back to me
shame on him
because I am
worth holding onto
fighting for
worthy of keeping
the time apart
is making me stronger
the doubts disappear
and I promised him
before he left
I shall doubt no more
I can handle this I said
you make me feel good
I said
good he said
all the memories
still make me feel
good inside
note to self
if you love someone
let him go (again)
if he comes back he's mine
I now have faith
I now know how to be stong
so much I wanna tell him now
so much I realized
ive learned
am learning
how to be a navy girlfriend
only the strong can survive
my love for him keeps me alive
for I am making the biggest commitment
waiting for him,giving him my heart
and time
I am not perfect
and he knows that
and accepts me
and I do the same
yes I worry sometimes
but I hope the good is enough
to bring him back to me
Note to self
if its ment to be
we will find a way
he will be with me
love will find a way
note to self
note to self
being strong for
love isnt wrong
note to self
no matter what
he is worth risking my
heart for because
for now he is all I want
all I need
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May 18, 2012