First Letter?

Hello ladies,

I'm just wondering when I should be expecting my first letter from my boyfriend at boot camp? He left May 8th so it's been almost 2 weeks. I've already sent him like 3 or 4 letters haha, just anxiously waiting to hear back from him! I know they're busy and don't have much time to write, I'm just curious of when you all got your first letter.

Thanks :-)
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3 Responses May 19, 2012

My guy has been there since may 2nd :/ still no letters

Hmm hopefully you get some soon! I heard that a lot of their writing privelages come from good behavior and depend on their whole division and stuff like that. You'll get one soon :-)

i actually checked the mail and mine came today :)

Yay! That's awesome :-)

I remember I got mine 2-3 weeks into his boot camp so don't worry too much it'll come soon (:

Thank you :-) I'm checking the mailbox every day!

Haha welcome and the one day I didn't think it'd be there it and lol

hi, i got mines the first week. but i didnt know until two weeks later. the letter had been sitting in my po box for two weeks. but i didnt know bc i read on here that it takes about 3 weeks for them to write, turns out it wasnt true. i got one letter the first week and i received like 3 more all at one time the second week. i looked at the date and my sailor wrote me four days after he went to basic training. but igot that one late bc he said he was holding off on it to send it. i guess it all depends on how good they do idk but he sure surprised me with those letters early. and i received my first call about 3 1/2 weeks since he left. and i only got ONE call besides the call the can make to let someone know they made it in chicago. so it was one call really for me and my bf graduates next week. once again i think it depends on how they do. idk.

Okay well thank you for your help :-) I've read that some people get quite a few letters at a time from their boyfriend because it's delayed. I'm just hoping I get mine soon. Thanks :-)