Best Reunion With My Sailor <3

I just got back from Chicago and I have to say it was THEE BEST REUNION EVER!!! My sailor looked so handsome. I can't even express how proud am of him and all the other sailors out there. We got at the Ceremonial Hall at 6:30 and didn't see them till 8:30. Ugh. Such a long wait. It seemed like I was never going to see him. When they opened the gates I went wild with excitment! The crowds were cheering loud and all I could do was focus on finding my sailor! Division 151 and all the others looked so good. When they called out liberty I ran and gave him thee biggest hug ever. He has changed so much but for the good. I've never heard him compliment me so much in my life. 8 hours didn't seem like enough time but wasn't taken for granted for 1 second. I love him more and more every day. Ladies, you can do this!! This moment you share with your sailor will make the wait and non communication more than worth it. I wish I could fully express how I am feeling right now and how strong our relationship is. You'll just have to wait and experience it yourself. Good luck. I am the happiest girl in the world right now!! :D
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4 Responses May 20, 2012

THAT SOUNDS AMAZING! i just got goosebumps thinking about yours and how amazing mine will be. Whenever I'm down i remember how it'll all be worth it and he's missing me just as much. I gotta just keep pushing for that wonderful moment. Im so happy for you!!

Oh wow that is amazing! Congrats! :D

Congrats!! That sounds so exciting :-) I've got 6 more weeks before I get to see my sailor graduate. I already feel our relationship growing stronger and I can't wait to see him July 6th! Thanks for your story, it made me more excited! :-)

i'm so happy but so jealous...hahah! you just made me so eager...I CANT WAIT FOR MY DAY TO COME!!! congrats to you and him!