Finally Got My Letter!

My guy says that basic training is reallly tough and he was telling me all about the different things hes been doing. Im so happy to have finally heard from him but this letter is a little bittersweet. I dont know, i was expecting something maybe a little more heart felt? He didnt even really say he missed me. which makes me feel like when I write him I shouldnt be too emotional. I guess I feel a little disappointed. which is stupid, but ugh.
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4 Responses May 21, 2012

Also maybe he figures you already know he misses you so much that he doesn't feel the need to say it out loud, you know? :)

I think we all have those moments where we think that but just remind him that you do care for him and you're willing to work thru it all that you will be here supporting him and his choices.! Keep your head up and stay strong! When the tough times kicks up in its just God testing your Faith.

Yeah youre right. My mom thinks hes just being cautious because hes scared i might not still like him or wanna be with him.

Your not stupid, he misses you, if he wrote you he most Deffenelty misses you :)<br />
I bet your second letter will be a lot better. Pour your heart out to him like you were he loves it. I kinda stopped thinking the same thing "maybe he doesn't want to hear that." but he told me over the last phone call that he loves them and to keep it up because they make him remember what he has outside of bootcamp. Don't be disappointed remember he truly does care about you!