Just Left...

This is very hard I have never experienced anything like this! All i know is i fully support him on this. I miss him so much, leaving him downtown today was the hardest thing ever. To go from talking everyday to not talking is going to be extremely tough for me. I just want to know does the emptiness pain go away? Does it get easier everyday? Will the days go by faster? I need answers before i drive myself crazy!
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Its tough all the way around, they say once he is out of bc it gets easier. Some days are harder than others. Write to him everyday, it helps a lot it makes (for me) it seem like he is still there listening to me when i write to him since i got some of his letters now he answers my questions before i even send them to him and it makes me happy because its like he really does know me or he really is there. Just keep yourself busy it helps with the time and the pain. But the letters help him get thru it so send him as many as you can he will be greatful for them in the long run. Brandons thanks me for them. Just remember to stay strong!