Feeling Invisible.

So It's been 4 days since I've talked/seen my sailor. I know that he loves me but now that he is out of boot camp I feel like he is going back to his old self. Everyone keeps telling me that A-school is like College. You meet lots of people, (get a lot of ***), party, and also study hard. I haven't heard from him because he doesn't have his cell phone but he has been using his friends to write people on facebook. I wrote him but he isn't writing me back he is just looking at them. I honestly feel like I'm worthless, invisible, non important in his life anymore. I'm trying not to freak out or think of the worst, but I'm a little worried. I know him, he is a flirt and loves being independent. I feel like there is no room for me in his life. He is doing something great and I'm not. Is he ignoring me because he is just too busy or what?? I would love to hear others opinion or thoughts about this. :/
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Thanks for your guys responses. He just bought a phone because he missed talking to me. :) We are good now I think I was just freaking out because he didn't tell me he was safe when he landed in Texas. I just need to trust him and get used to this new Navy lifestyle.

I wouldn't listen to what other people say, unless they themselves experienced A school because its could be a "she says he says" deal and you don't want that to ruin your relationship with him. He probably is busy he did just get out of bootcamp, maybe he is breathing the "Freedom" in (site seeing and hanging with the guys), they probably have him doing a lot of work and maybe the reason why he didn't respond back to your messages on fb is because when he was going to they called him in and forgot about it or vise versa his friend got called away, but i am not 100% for sure, so don't fall back on my words, i would personally write to him telling him you understand he is busy blah blah blah explain to him how you feel maybe that will get his attention. Just stay positive and hope for the best! Hope that helped a little bit.